Diagnostic Tests for Cancer

Diagnostic Tests for Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases today. I have met people who have confessed loud and clear that they would prefer ailing from any other illness, HIV AIDS included, but not any type of cancer whatsoever. That shows just how cancer has managed to get people scared even at the mention of the name itself. Today, a cancer diagnosis, whether advanced or in its early stages, is like a death sentence. What makes it even more dangerous is the fact that many people are not able to detect it because most of the symptoms become severe at its advanced stage, meaning no amount of radiotherapy or chemotherapy can completely cure it. That however cannot rule out the fact that in some cases, it is diagnosed earlier hence making treatment more effective and manageable. Some succumb to it while others live to tell the tale of how they cheated death with early diagnose.

Cancer Prevention

It is therefore only important to go for regular screenings which helps manage cancer before it spreads to other organs of the body. Cancer has since come to affect almost every other part of the body. From lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, the list goes on and on. That proves the length at which the killer disease can go. As more and more medical researchers bury their heads deeper into finding cure for this menace, we can only hope that the research will be successful one day to put away all the misery associated with cancer. Before that time comes, we can only but play our part in ensuring the disease does not get the better part of us. That can only be possible by maintaining a healthy lifestyle in terms of what we eat and drink, physical exercises and routine screenings at approved health centers.

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, doctors run diagnostic tests not only to know the type of cancer one is suffering from but also the extent to which the cancer has spread. In most cancer scenarios, a biopsy is one of the surest ways to prove cancer presence in various parts of the body.

Diagnostic Blood Tests for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dreaded types of cancer amongst women. A small harmless lump felt on one breast is enough to send cold shivers down the spine. Diagnostic tests are run to check for cancerous cells and how much they have spread. They determine whether one has cancer or not. In case of a cancer case, the tests help the diagnostic health personnel to determine the best treatment for eliminating the cancerous cells.  A blood test for breast cancer helps to diagnose cancer and the treatment option to be taken into consideration depending on how much the cancer has spread. 

Blood tests are one of the many diagnostic tests that can rule out cancer or test positive for the same. Examples of blood test for breast cancer include;

  • Complete blood count (CBC). This test determines the count of blood cells in a blood sample and checks for any abnormal cells that in this case could be cancer cells.
  • Blood protein testing. This test helps detect abnormal immune system proteins in the blood.

Other than blood tests, there are other tests that can either rule cancer presence in or out of a body.

  • Imaging procedures such as the CT scan, nuclear scan, Ultrasound, and MRI.
  • In this procedure, a sample tissue is extracted from the body using a needle or an endoscope, and the tissue is examined under a microscope to see if it is cancerous.


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