Six Essential Factors to Consider when buying an Air Conditioner

Six Essential Factors to Consider when buying an Air Conditioner

Why bear the hassle of buying a heater for winter months and an air conditioner for the summer months when you can get both, heating and cooling benefits in just one unit. Most air conditioners today, come with a multipurpose feature and allow you to reap benefits from it. So, buy the best air conditioner and save on your electricity bill.

The year of 2017 has entered its final months and winters have knocked on our doors. While it’s not the right time to look for the best air conditioner for your home, but festive season is just round the corner and it’s precisely the time when AC manufacturing companies come up with special schemes and discount offers on their products.

In addition, the Indian market today is flooded with air conditioners that not only promise excellent cooling but heating as well. Precisely a replacement for your heating unit. While you might have buried the thought of buying a new air conditioner in exchange of your wrecked, old AC for the forthcoming summers, we suggest, now is the time to invest.

Some factors to keep in mind while buying an air conditioner this winter are as follows:-


The capacity of tonnage of your air conditioner must be kept in mind when buying an air conditioner. For a reason that many rooms are smaller in size and may not need a 2 ton AC. A 1 ton AC would be good enough. On the other hand, a room that’s large cannot have an AC with 1 ton of capacity. A minimum of 2 ton would be essential.

Energy Efficiency

With the ever-increasing cost of electricity in India, buying an AC that promises energy efficiency is a necessity today. Only the best air conditioner can promise you that. Consider investing in an inverter AC. Though a bit expensive, they are famed for being the best energy efficient cooling units. If you’re not interested in an inverter AC, go for a cooling unit that speaks of a good BEE rating. The higher the rating that more energy efficient shall the unit be.

Air Quality

An air conditioner with a  good dehumidification unit serves as an added advantage. It smartly eliminates the humidity present in a room and enhances the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Another thing to look for is the filter attached inside. A good filter promises better cooling and also aids in reducing the consumption of extra electricity units.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning are two other essential factors that must be kept in mind while buying an air conditioner. The easier the installation and maintenance, the better fit it is for your home.

Cooling Speed

Air conditioners that come with adjustable thermostats, variable speeds, and two fans are a better fit for purchase. This is because, these features allow you to adjust the cooling speed as per the varying temperature of the day, thus reducing the use of extra electricity units.


As defined above, most air conditioners today offer the dual benefit of cooling as well as heating. So, instead of buying an additional heater for your home, it’s best to invest in an air conditioner that offers you the best of both the worlds.

To conclude, the question of how to choose the best air conditioner for your home makes each one of go lengths and breaths. But no more! Keep in mind the above pointers and buy a good, energy efficient, multipurpose air conditioner today!

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